Who we are

At Paani, we are a small team that is passionate about making authentic, healthy, home-cooked Indian food available to everyone.

Why we're here

These days, it feels like everyone is too busy to prepare a fresh meals at home. Paani solves that by delivering nutritious Indian food that can be cooked quickly in the microwave, on the stove, or in your Instant Pot.


What we offer

We offer a selection of authentic Indian cuisines made with fresh ingredients. All our dishes are “fast-frozen” to preserve the quality of nutrients in our food. Prepare them according to the instructions on the label, and make a delicious meal for your family in a matter of minutes.

How we started

After years of perfecting her recipes and preparing homemade Indian food for her five grandchildren, our founder Nita decided to start Paani to give everyone the joy of healthy, easy-to-prepare Indian food. We cannot wait to see what you think about your Paani Box!

Nita Picture 2

I started Paani for two main reasons. After years of preparing homemade meals for my daughters and grandchildren and knowing how busy my daughters’ are with managing work and all the responsibilities that come with a growing family, I would plan trips to visit them with the intent of preparing and freezing Indian meals that their families could eat easily after a busy day.

My father often complained - "The biggest problem that  seniors have in this country is getting good homemade Indian food!" Especially when someone is not feeling well or unable, or single. I truly feel blessed that several organizations are working with me to help me address my father's wish.

Recognizing, that these days we are often too busy to eat healthily and prepare fresh meals every day and since it is a rare treat for most of us to enjoy authentic Indian food at home, I decided to deliver these healthy meals to everyone.

I am so excited to share Paani with the world and give everyone a chance to enjoy these dishes with their families.

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